Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polishes

— The nail polishes I’ve been using non stop for a couple of months.

A few months ago, I received a lovely package from Sally Hansen with their new Insta Dri nail polishes and their new Insta Dri nail polishes in collaboration with Crayola. I surely got spoiled by them, and I am happy to review them for you and let you know what I think.

My favorite color

My favorite color in this collection is definitely number 153 ‘Go For Gold’. I usually don’t really wear metallics, because it doesn’t always go well with my skin color and outfits. However, this color gold looked amazing and I received soo many compliments while I was wearing it. It’s in my opinion a perfect shade of gold. The color was also so shiny that I was just looking at it all day, haha. 

I loved the other colors just as well. The shades went really well with my skin color and look very lovely. I think the red color is also pretty perfect. My younger sister is obsessed with the red one. 

The quality

I think the quality of these nail polishes is really, really good. It dries super fast, as the packaging suggests (60 seconds), and I didn’t need a second coat of nail polish, because one was enough.

My nails looked pretty for a long time. It didn’t start to crack until at least a week after applying the nail polish. I think that is more than reasonable.

Conclusion: to buy or not?

I would certainly recommend the Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polishes to anyone. The quality is just really good and the colors are amazing. I also spotted a lavender colored nail polish that I might buy to add to my collection. The Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polishes are individually available at Kruidvat or Etos (Dutch stores), and the Insta Dri x Crayola are individually available at (Dutch store). 

 FTC: the Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polishes that were reviewed in this article were gifted to me by Garnier for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed in this blogpost are all of my own and 100% honest. I did not get paid to write this blogpost. For more questions, feel free to send an email to
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    The gold one loOks amazing on you😍

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      thank you!!! – Rose

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