TESTED: Essie Treat Love & Color nail polishes

A while ago, I received a PR package with 3 nail polishes from the brand Essie. Even though I know Essie is an iconic and well-known brand, I’ve never tried their nail polishes before.

I have been using nail polish regularly since I was about 15. Considering the abuse I have put my nails through, my nails are still pretty healthy. In the last couple of years, I often let my nails take a break from wearing nail polish for a couple of weeks so they can heal and grow strong again. However, my nails used to be a lot stronger. They also are a little bit discolored, and not too long ago I also noticed that the surface isn’t as smooth as it used to be.


I first want to discuss the colors. I do think the colors that I received look very cute and part of the reason I was so excited about testing these nail polishes was because of the cute colors. Unfortunately, the pink and nude color were too light for my skin color. Most of you guys know I have a light colored skin and because of that, I can wear a lot of colors, but these colors are clearly for someone that has a lighter skin. The pink and nude color have a really nice shimmer and I think it is sad that I can’t use them. If you have a lighter skin color, these colors would certainly look good on you!

The ‘brown’ nail polish is more like a taupe nude on my skin. Even though it is a little bit too light for my skin, I feel like I can still get away with it. Especially after a couple of days, when the color changed a little bit (I always feel like the color nail polish that I am wearing changes a little bit after a couple of days, am I the only one?). The brown color would look great on lighter skin colors, my skin color and also darker skin colors. For lighter skin colors, this would certainly be a more brown color while it would be a perfect greyish nude for darker skin types.



The first thing I noticed when I tried the nail polishes is that the polish is really thin, it’s almost watery. I like to put a thick layer on my nails so the color is even but that wasn’t possible with this nail polish because the nail polish would flow to the skin around my fingers. I decided to put a thinner layer on my nails which worked a lot better.

The nail polish dried really quickly, which is something I am very happy about because I really don’t like waiting until my nails are dry. Then I applied a second layer which was recommended by the packaging and was also necessary because the color wasn’t visible enough. The second layer also dried quickly (yay).

My left hand has 2 layers, but my right hand only has one because I had to leave my house by then. O well, now I can compare the two!


After a week or so, the nail polish still looks pretty good! My right hand can definitely use a touch up. My index finger and middle finger are damaged but the other fingers look pretty decent! There is some damage on the white part of the nail, it’s a bit worn off, but I usually have this after 1 day with my normal nail polishes so no biggie!


My left hand looks goood! Again, there is some damage on the white part of my nails, but not as bad as on my right hand. Also, there is a bit of nail polish chipped off of my pinky nail. It’s also kind of funny that you can actually see how much my nail has grown since I applied the nail polish. It kinda looks like outgrowing a fake nail.

Also, I have mentioned this above already but I really feel like the color has changed a little bit. I don’t know if this is the case or it’s just me but I like the way this color looks. It’s really a color I had to get used to but it kind of grew on me.


I was very curious about the condition I’d find my nails in after removing the nail polish. I am not sure if it was just me, but I definitely think my nails look healthier than before. The color of my nails improved and the surface is also a lot smoother than before. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before and after photos so I have no real proof other than my own thoughts. After using it again (I told you the color grew on me!), I felt like my nails were even stronger than before.

final judgement: TO BUY OR NOT?

The Essie nail polishes are 13 euros each which is quite an investment, given the fact that there are a lot of brands that have cheaper options. That having said, you get a pretty big bottle so you should be able to use it a lot. I think the quality of the nail polish is a lot better than the cheaper brands and drugstore brands. It doesn’t crack easily and stays on your nails for a long time. It also dries quickly which is a big pro for me.


As mentioned above, the colors of these nail polishes are not for everyone. Essie has a lot of colors but this edition only has a couple of colors that aren’t going to suit everyone. Their regular nail polishes are about 12 euros each and they offer a lot of colors too.

I would recommend to buy a basic color (a perfect red, nude, black, white, pink) that you are going to wear often considering the price and the amount of product you get. If you find the perfect color that matches your skin color and personality, it’s definitely a good idea to invest a little bit. The quality is great and your nails will look good for a long time!

Have you ever tried Essie nail polishes? Did you like them? What’s your favorite brand and color nail polish? I love reading your comments so be sure to leave one ♥️

FTC: the nail polishes were gifted to me by L’Oréal. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I did not receive money to write this blogpost.

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