A while ago, I received an amazing package from L’Oréal Paris to review their Sugar Scrubs! I received 3 different scrubs, each has its own benefits. You can use these sugar scrubs on your face and your lips. I personally love to use them on my lips. Now that it’s colder outside, I feel like it’s the perfect timing to review these scrubs, as lots of people get dry and chapped lips from the weather.


for oily skin

The Kiwi scrub is meant for an oily skin type. It contains kiwi seeds which makes it a very fun scrub! The kiwi seeds also unclog your pores. It feels like a gel which might be a bit weird at the beginning but nonetheless it’s super easy to use.

grapeseed oil
for dull skin

This scrub contains grapeseed oil, fine açai, and monoi oil to brighten and refresh dull skin. This scrub is my favorite for the lips because of the structure. It’s not jelly like the kiwi scrub and the sugar in it is rough enough to get your lips nice and soft. It is supposed to brighten dull skin.

for dry skin

The Cocoa Scrub is the finest scrub so I think it is much more suitable to use on the skin. It feels like a butter and I feel like it kind of melts when using it. I love the smell of this one and love the way it looks. It really nourishes dry skin.

All of the scrubs make my lips super smooth and I love using them! I love the packaging as well. You receive 50 ml for around 12 euros each, which makes it a very affordable lip scrub as well!

I hope you enjoyed this little review about the Sugar Scrubs! Do you exfoliate your face? If so, what do you use? Have you ever tried the Sugar Scrubs? Be sure to share your experiences down below!

FTC: the products that were reviewed in this article were gifted to me by L’Oréal Paris for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed in this blogpost are all of my own and 100% honest. I did not get paid to write this blogpost.

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