A while ago, I received some goodies from L’Oréal Paris for their Summer collection. I was super excited, as the theme of this collection was Wake Up And Glow. I received a liquid highlighter, a highlight palette, an eyeshadow palette, a mascara and lash primer. I’ll review every single one of these items and let you know what I think of them!

the highlight palette

Ohh this one’s a winner. Let me tell you that. I’ve worn it plenty of times already, and it’s my favorite highlighter at the moment. The highlighter is very nice and subtle. It gives you a glow without being too blinding. I love the rose gold packaging, and you get a good amount of product as well.

The first shade is a light champagne-y color, the second one is a darker champagne color, the third is a pinky shade, and the last one is a bronze color. The color that I love the most is the second one. It complements my skin tone perfectly, and makes my skin look glowy. Of course I had to swatch these shades for you. Here we go:

The picture on the left is without flashlight and the picture on the right is with the flashlight on. And it looks even better in real life. You don’t need a lot of product to create a gorgeous glow on your face but if you’re looking for something a little more blinding you need to build it up in layers.

liquid highlighter

Out of all of the products I was expecting, I was most excited about this one. This product comes in two different shades: a champagne color and a bronze/reddish color. I received the champagne one. Now, let’s review!


The packaging of this product looks amazing and luxurious. I love the little pipette to put the product on your face. The product itself kind of feels like an oil.

After swatching the product, I was a little disappointed. The color wasn’t a match with my skin color. I wouldn’t blame it on the product, it’s just something I usually have with makeup products. I would have loved to try the darker version of this product. I swatched the highlighter on my arm and here are the results:

The left is without flashlight, the right is with flashlight. As you can see, the highlighter kind of looks like a white powder on my skin. Once again, the product is not to blame, but the fact that my skin color doesn’t match this color. However, look at the way the flashlight reflects the highlighter. That is a gorgeous glow.

I think this liquid highlighter would look great on the right skin tone. I also think it is a great product to wear under your foundation to create a dewy, glowy look.

eyeshadow palette

Let’s take a look at the La Petite Palette eyeshadow palette. This one is amazing. The main reason I was excited for this palette was the blue shade. It reminds me of the KKW x Mario eyeshadow palette that is known for having a notable blue color. I was looking forward to play around with the colors and create different looks.


It’s swatch time. On the left we have all the shades without a flashlight and on the right with a flashlight. The bottom one is a close up to see all the glitters.

The colors are rather cool toned. The blue is spec-tac-ular. The glitters in it are great. The last shade (the dark brown one) is more warm toned and I really like this color. My favorite shades are the blue one, the dark brown one and the second color, the glitter taupe one.

You definitely have to layer these shadows to get more color but after 2-3 layers, the colors look awesome. The only color that didn’t work for me was the first one. I believe it was supposed to function as a highlighter but it’s barely visible on me (as you can see on the pictures). Overall, I’d say this is a great little palette. It is supposed to be ‘an essential shade harmony’ with one statement shade, which is exactly what the product is. This particular palette is called ‘STYLIST’ but they also have other palettes that look very nice (search for La Petite Palette Maximalist, you’ll love that one).

the mascaras

The last things to review are the Paradise Extatic mascara and primer. The packaging looks amazing. The rose gold accents make them look very nice. I personally have difficult lashes to work with. They refuse to get curled and if I use the wrong mascara they will straighten themselves out within minutes. I know, it’s horrible. I always use a lash curler first, then I apply up to two layers of mascara on my upper lashes and one layer on my lower lashes. To test these mascaras, I did the same steps but added the primer after curling my lashes.

The primer is great. It takes a little bit of time to dry completely but it does make my lashes so much longer which means I have to use less mascara (I layer up to create longer lashes) which means less clumps and a more natural look. I only applied the primer on the ends of my lashes to keep the curl intact as much as I could.

I’m sorry for the awful photo I took. I shouldn’t have used a white background for a white product. However, I think you get the idea.

Lastly, the mascara. The mascara has a brush that is quite soft. I like the formula of the mascara itself. I loved the way it made my lashes feel. The only problem was that the mascara took out the curl I created with my lash curler. So, if you have lashes that aren’t as stubborn as mine and will stay curled, this mascara is definitely worth a try!

Overall, I am happy with these products. They look great, they feel great. I am not sure about the exact prices so I can’t tell you those. The highlight palette is definitely a product I’d recommend, as well as the mascara primer and eyeshadow palette. The liquid highlighter is great for those of you with a skin color that matches the product. Lastly the mascara is great for those of you who are looking for a mascara that thickens the lashes, but don’t need them to be lifted or lengthened.

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy review. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and testing the products. That’s it for now, I’ll see you next time!

I personally love highlighter! It’s one of my favorite trends at the moment. I wear it every time I want to look like a shiny diamond, haha. What is your favorite makeup product at the moment? And what product would you like to try after reading this review? Be sure to leave me a comment, I love reading them ♡

FTC: the products that were reviewed in this article were gifted to me by L’Oréal Paris. All opinions expressed in this blogpost are all of my own and 100% honest. I did not get paid to write this article.

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