Hey guys! As most of you know last Friday was Black Friday. Black Friday is getting bigger and bigger in the Netherlands each year and this year, most shops has great sales. I didn’t have time to go shopping because I had a deadline that day (ūüė≠). However, I was in the shopping center that day after school and walked past Yves Rocher. As most of you guys know, I love a lot of products from there. They had a 50% sale going on on pretty much everything in the store so I went to get some stuff I wanted to get anyway.

Here’s what I got:

lip balm

I love this year’s Christmas collection from Yves Rocher. I already have the green apple scented lip balm. It was a gift from my sister that I loved so much that I wanted to get this one as well. What I like most about the lip balms from Yves Rocher is that they are super affordable and they are really good as well! It’s only ‚ā¨1.95.



This one is an early Christmas gift for my sister. She uses stuff like this all the time for her hair. I have a bottle of this oil myself and I love what it’s doing to my hair. You can read more about me raving about this product here.


Oui a l’amour perfume¬†

I often talk about this perfume on my Instagram page. It’s my current favorite perfume thanks to it’s subtile nice scent. I am not the only one that loves this perfume. My mother in law also loves this perfume. Every time I wear it, she compliments me so I thought it would be nice to get her her own bottle!

Also, I didn’t open her perfume for the picture. I photographed my own bottle.¬†


A free gift
Volume elixer mascara in black

Because I am a new member of Yves Rocher, I also received a mascara for free with my purchase. I love the packaging of it and can’t wait to try it. I’d love to review it as well if you would like me to!


And that’s it! I hope you liked this mini haul. I’d love to do more of these if you guys enjoy them! Did you go shopping on Black Friday? What did you get?

FTC: All of the products mentioned in this blogpost are purchased by myself, except the mascara, which was a gift I received because of my purchase. I did not get paid to write this blogpost. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:

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    I also love the parfume! My big sis does too; my other sisters and i GIFTED her a bottle as a parting gift! Also in love with the apple scented lip BALM! I ACquired it through my sister. I didn’t like the golden tea scented balm though…
    Great post!!

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      Thank you, sweetie! We have similar taste, how cute! Have a lovely day xxx

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